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Winter Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are a busy group of students. They like to touch, feel, explore, and understand everything they see. In order to keep them on task, learning, and entertained, kindergarten teachers are some of the busiest teachers around. Kindergarten teachers, I understand you and have some ways to make your life a little easier. I have compiled a list of ideas and winter activities for kindergarten. Take advantage of the change in seasons and get into some winter-themed activities for your kindergarten classroom. 

Winter Skills in Kindergarten

Coming back from any break during the school year can be especially hard for kindergarteners who thrive on routine and order. When your kindergarten class comes back from winter break, which has probably been a nice, long break, you need to get back into the schedule of a school. This is a great time to review school rules and routines, but also to review skills already learned and practiced before break. 

Winter Activities for Kindergarten

As the winter chill sets in, it’s time to bring the magic of the season into the kindergarten classroom with a variety of enriching activities that cater to both learning and play. In this blog post, we’ll explore some fantastic resources that are sure to keep your little ones excited and engaged throughout the winter months.

Winter Sensory Bin Math Centers

kindergarten winter activities math sensory bins

Transform your classroom into a winter wonderland with sensory bin math centers. A sensory bin filled with seasonal treasures like faux snow, miniature mittens, and snowflake counters becomes the perfect backdrop for mathematical exploration. Children can practice counting, sorting, and basic addition and subtraction in a hands-on and playful way.

Winter Sensory Bin Literacy Centers

winter activities for kindergarten literacy centers

Extend the sensory fun to literacy activities with winter-themed sensory phonics bins. Fill them with alphabet letters, sight word cards, or even small winter-themed objects that represent different letters. As children explore the textures and shapes within the bins, they can simultaneously practice letter recognition, and spelling, and begin to master CVC words. This multisensory approach makes literacy engaging and memorable, catering to various learning styles.

January Early Finisher Task Cards

January task cards for winter activities in kindergarten

For those little ones who zip through their assignments, provide a set of January early finisher task cards. These cards can include a mix of winter-themed math and phonics activities. Whether it’s recognizing medial vowels or counting base 10 blocks, these task cards ensure that every child is continuously challenged and stimulated. The variety keeps the learning environment dynamic and allows students to explore their interests within the context of the winter season. The task cards are available for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade.

January Boom Card Math and Phonics Centers

January math and phonics boom cards for winter activities for kindergarten

Take advantage of technology to infuse interactive learning into the winter curriculum. January Boom Card math and phonics centers provide a digital platform for students to engage with math and phonics concepts. From counting snowflakes to identifying winter-themed phonics patterns, Boom Cards offer a visually appealing and interactive way to reinforce key skills. The self-paced nature of these activities allows for individualized learning, ensuring that each child progresses at their own speed.

Free Winter Activities for Kindergarten: Sparking Creativity without Breaking the Bank

Snowman Craft

snowman craft

Gather around for a snowman crafting session that promises smiles and creativity. Using simple materials like construction paper, q-tips, and a little paint, your kindergarteners can bring Frosty to life in their own unique way. This hands-on activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also encourages imagination as children design their snowmen with different accessories and expressions. Displaying the finished masterpieces around the classroom will create a winter wonderland that the children can take pride in.

New Year’s Resolutions for Kindergarten

Ring in the New Year with a discussion about resolutions tailored for the kindergarten crowd. Encourage your students to express their hopes and goals for the upcoming year in a language they can understand. Whether it’s learning new words, making more friends, or practicing good manners, this activity not only introduces the concept of goal-setting but also promotes self-reflection. Create a colorful display showcasing each child’s resolutions, fostering a sense of community and shared aspirations.

CVC Penguin Activity

winter activities for kindergarten CVC penguins

Combine the magic of winter with phonics practice through a CVC penguin activity. This interactive and playful approach makes phonics enjoyable, and the penguin theme adds an extra layer of winter charm. Extend the activity by having the children use their created words in sentences, reinforcing both reading and writing skills in an engaging manner.

Winter Classroom Ideas

Transforming Classrooms into Winter Wonderlands: Enchanting Bulletin Board Ideas

Elevate the winter ambiance in your kindergarten classroom by decking the halls with enchanting bulletin boards. Transform these display spaces into captivating winter wonderlands that not only showcase the creativity of your students but also serve as visual aids for various lessons. Bulletin boards serve as more than mere decorations—they become dynamic tools for engagement and exploration in the winter-themed journey of kindergarten learning.

Incorporating these winter resources into your kindergarten classroom will not only add a festive flair but also create a vibrant and effective learning environment. Embrace the season, and watch as your students embark on a journey of discovery and skill-building in the winter wonderland of kindergarten education.

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