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Hi! I’m Cori...

I’m here to connect with primary school teachers who are looking for organizational tips and time-saving resources!

I taught kindergarten for a decade and know what it’s like to search for perfectly leveled materials for our littlest learners! 

I’m so glad you’ve come to visit my site! I can’t wait to connect with you and share my teaching resources and ideas. I just know they will save you time and add value to your lessons. 


My first teaching job was at a school located about 3 miles from the Mexican border. Being a private school, we serviced families from both sides of the border. Parents would cross the border every day, spending hours in the lines, just to give their child a chance at a quality education.

One of the main goals of each family was for their child to become a fluent English speaker. Every year, approximately a quarter of my class would begin school with little to no knowledge of the English language.

While this was a challenge, it was also a rewarding experience as the students’ English skills grew by leaps and bounds throughout the year. Working with this population and in this setting helped me realize the following things:


Having a language diverse classroom meant that I needed to structure my year-long plans a little differently. During my first couple of years, I scoured the internet to find resources to help me do this, but I was constantly frustrated with the information available.

On top of this, in my fifth year of teaching, I became the school’s vice-principal and added even more responsibilities to my plate. Despite the heavy workload, I loved being able to affect positive change on a larger scale!

For these reasons, I began to wonder – what if I made my own resources that I knew were developmentally appropriate for my students? What if I solved my own classroom struggles? What if my struggles were echoed in other kindergarten classrooms around the country and world, and my resources could help others? So folks, that’s what I did! I started creating things that I knew were appropriately leveled for kindergarten that my students would find engaging.

Here are some things you will find within my resources:


I live in San Diego with my husband and two fur babies. We love to travel and most recently visited Iceland and London!

I have an Amazon Prime addiction along with being a sucker for subscription boxes like Hello Fresh and Stitch Fix.

Most weekends you’ll find us out and about exploring our city or running around with our pups at dog beach.

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