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Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Ideas and Activities Your Students Will Love

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to infuse love and excitement into our kindergarten classrooms. To help you create a memorable and educational experience for your students, I have compiled a list of Valentine’s Day kindergarten resources that are perfect for kindergarteners. From sensory bins to printable worksheets, these activities will keep your little ones engaged while developing essential literacy and math skills.

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Resources

Valentine Sensory Bin Literacy Centers:
Sensory bins are not only fun but also provide hands-on learning experiences. Create a Valentine-themed sensory bin filled with small objects related to the holiday, such as pink felt shapes and plastic hearts. Encourage your students to dig in, explore, and practice beginning blends and CVC words.

Valentine's Day kindergarten literacy centers

Valentine Sensory Bin Math Centers:
Extend the sensory bin fun to math centers by incorporating counting and number recognition activities. Add heart-shaped manipulatives or pink rice for your students to match quantities with corresponding numerals. This tactile approach will make learning numbers more engaging and enjoyable.

Valentine's Day Kindergarten Math Centers

Valentine’s Day Print and Go Worksheets:
Sometimes we need quick resources that require minimal preparation. Valentine’s Day printables are perfect for those busy teaching days! These worksheets contain practice for letter recognition, CVC words, beginning blends, and simple addition and subtraction. These printables can be used as morning work, homework assignments, or even during independent work time.

Valentine's Day Kindergarten print and go worksheets

Early Finisher Task Cards for February:
Keep your early finishers engaged with task cards specifically designed for February! These task cards can cover various subjects like phonics, beginning reading skills, number order, and much more related to the season of love. They provide an additional challenge for those students who complete their work ahead of time and need extra stimulation. These are also available for grades Pre-K, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.

Valentine's Day Kindergarten Task Cards

February Phonics and Math Boom Cards:
Boom Cards are interactive digital activities that are perfect for distance learning or technology centers. Find phonics and math Boom Cards specifically designed for February, with Valentine’s Day themes. These cards can cover topics like beginning sounds, rhyming words, number recognition, counting, or simple addition and subtraction. Your students will love the interactive nature of these digital activities!

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Free Resource

To add an extra sprinkle of creativity to your Valentine’s Day celebrations, I’ve prepared a special gift for you and your little learners. Download the free Heart Art Project that promises to turn their imaginative ideas into adorable masterpieces. This project not only encourages artistic expression but also helps develop fine motor skills as they create their unique heart-themed artwork.

Valentine's Day Kindergarten free heart art project

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Ideas

Looking for more ways to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable in your kindergarten classroom? Dive into these blog posts for additional inspiration! Check out this curated list of the Best Valentine’s Day Read Alouds for the Classroom, where I’ve gathered heartwarming stories that will captivate your students’ imaginations and spread the love of reading.

Additionally, discover a roundup of Fun Valentine’s Day Art Projects for Kindergarteners, offering a variety of creative ideas to engage your little artists in delightful hands-on activities. Happy reading and crafting!

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to create a love-filled learning environment in your kindergarten classroom. By incorporating these Valentine’s Day resources such as sensory bins, printables, task cards, and Boom Cards, you can engage your students while helping them develop important literacy and math skills. Have a lovely time celebrating and learning with your kindergarteners this Valentine’s Day!

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