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Valentine’s Day Art Project

Today I wanted to share with you a simple and easy Valentine’s Day art project.  I was searching on Pinterest for some cute projects for the kids to do, and I saw a beautiful project that had the student draw lines over a heart, and fill in the lines with patterns.  

I thought that the concept was awesome, but drawing lines can be tricky for kinder kids, so I created an easy template for them to use.

Prep Work

We started out by coloring the outside borders of the squares.

Outlining heart squares

I showed them an example that I did, where the inside of the heart had two colors in an alternating pattern. The outside square had another two colors, also in an alternating pattern.  

We talked about doing it the same way as I did, and we also talked about other options that they might choose.  I didn’t put a limit on what they could or couldn’t do.

Finished outlining squares

After we finished coloring the square border we got to painting! I love that my room has benches right outside my windows.

Finishing Touches

I can get students working on the painting outside while others are still finishing up their coloring inside the classroom. I can keep an eye on both groups at the same time.

Paining heart art project

At the beginning of the year, I ask the parents to send in some old t-shirts for our art projects. These come in handy all year long! I keep a pack of extra ones at school just in case I need them/

Whole class paining

We let the paint dry overnight and hung them on our bulletin board the next day. 

Finished Valentine's art project

I love how they look with the black background, and I love all of the different choices that the students made.

Valentine's bulletin board

If you would like a copy of this simple art project, just fill out the form below! Check out some of the other art projects I have shared on my website as well!

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