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Amazon Classroom Finds: 24 Essentials Every Kindergarten Teacher Needs

Looking for Amazon classroom finds that have been tried and tested over the years? As a kindergarten teacher, you know that having the right tools can make all the difference in creating a vibrant and engaging classroom. In this blog post, I’ve curated a list of 24 Amazon finds that are essential for every kindergarten teacher. From classroom organization to fine motor skill development, I’ve got you covered.

Amazon Classroom Organization

Ensure every writing session is smooth by having a reliable pencil sharpener readily available. Keep your students equipped for various activities with a well-stocked selection of glue sticks within arm’s reach, and keep resources protected for years with laminating pouches! With these thoughtful touches, your classroom will be an organized haven for both learning and creativity.

Amazon classroom organization supplies
  • Composition Notebooks – I prefer to use notebooks that don’t have the spiral coil on them because I’ve had those get tangled in the past. These work perfectly with my science, social studies, math, and language interactive notebooks.
  • Classroom Management Doorbell – I got Instagram-influenced to buy this doorbell and absolutely loved it! I’m all about a quiet classroom with minimal interruptions so I love how this doorbell allows for quiet transitions. The amount of chime options is pretty impressive as well!
  • Sticky Magnet Dots – I use these magnet dots for things I laminate and want to be displayed on the whiteboard. They work perfectly with my CHAMPS behavior management system and also for displaying the weekly vocabulary.
  • Laminating Pouches – Like most teachers, I laminate everything! You won’t find a better price for these anywhere!
  • Pencil Sharpener – I’d heard good things about this pencil sharpener, but I was skeptical. After the first time using it, I was sold! I can’t believe how durable it is and how many years it has held up in the classroom!
  • Task Cards Storage – You know that my early finisher system is an integral part of my classroom organization. These boxes are colorful, and durable, and help keep the entire system in order!
  • Velcro Dots – If you don’t have money for a fancy new rug in your classroom these dots work perfectly! You can have the students sit on them or use them for spacing while lining up. You can even use them for fun CVC segmenting activities.
  • Elmers Glue – The rate at which kindergarten students run through glue sticks is distressing. The price of this box is great. Organizationally, implementing glue tubs and having a designated bowl where lost glue caps go has really cut down on the number of glue sticks wasted. When students can’t find their glue cap they can just go and grab a new one from the lost pile.

Amazon Classroom Manipulatives

classroom amazon instruction manipulatives

Enhance math lessons with fun rolling instruction cubes. Add a touch of interactivity to spelling exercises with magnetic alphabet letters. Bring playdough time to life with a variety of tools, offering endless possibilities for creative exploration.

  • Magnetic Letters – I know these are very basic and are included in most classrooms, but I had to buy most things for myself. This is a high-quality set for anyone who’s in the same boat as I was.
  • Instruction Cubes – So many uses, and nice big pockets!
  • Play-Doh – I don’t put all the colors out at once, but this set usually lasts me the entire year.
  • Letters Tub – It’s nice to have a set where the vowels aren’t a different color.

Center Supplies

Center supplies from amazon

Dive into a world of exploration and creativity by infusing your kindergarten learning centers with captivating STEM toys. From building structures to learning basic physics principles, wooden blocks become versatile tools for hands-on learning. Introduce magnetic tiles to spark creativity and exploration, allowing students to construct and experiment with magnetic forces. By integrating STEM toys like wooden blocks, magnetic tiles, and marble runs into your centers, you’re fostering a love for exploration and inquiry that will resonate with your kindergarten students.

  • Wooden Blocks – This is another one of those things that usually comes with a kindergarten classroom, but mine didn’t. These are sturdy and the set comes with a great number and variety of blocks!
  • Magnetic Tiles – During center time I have my students do an academic activity and then move on to some STEM-building fun. These were always a big hit.
  • Marble Run – Fun to see the different versions the kids come up with.
  • 3D Shape Building – These are great for centers and also for your 3D shapes unit.
  • Wooden Cars – Even the little traffic signs in this pack have been super durable!
  • Wooden People – Fun little addition to your blocks and they also work well for your community helpers unit.
  • Grocery Store – I like to put this close to my teacher desk because the conversations they have here crack me up!

Amazon Classroom Fine Motor Supplies

Fine Motor Amazon supplies

Nurture fine motor skills in your kindergarten Amazon classroom with a carefully curated selection of tools and sensory experiences. Create a sensory-rich environment with a dedicated sensory table, offering a wide range of tactile experiences. Fill your sensory bins with engaging materials like rice, sand, or textured fabrics, providing opportunities for sensory exploration and fine motor development. Don’t forget to add in academic learning centers while students are enjoying their sensory development!

By incorporating these Amazon finds into your classroom, you’re on your way to creating a well-organized, engaging, and conducive learning environment. Whether you’re focusing on fine motor skills, setting up exciting learning centers, or maintaining an orderly space, these essentials will undoubtedly enrich your teaching journey. Here’s to happy and successful teaching!

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