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CVC Words Practice with Boom Cards

In my classroom, I know there has never been such a thing as enough practice with CVC words. There are so many options out there and there is so much practice that my young students have needed. Besides, CVC word practice is so common there is a lot of fun that can be had. For instance, my latest obsession is with Boom Cards. 

Boom Cards are interactive and fun for students. It feels like they’re playing a game on the computer, but really, they’re practicing! I have created a resource especially for you, your students, and their practice. Check out my Boom Cards CVC Words Mega Bundle for a great deal, or pick and choose what you need and buy one or two decks on the Boom Learning platform

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Letter Sounds to Reading

CVC words help students transition from letter-sound knowledge to reading. These short words allow students to really pay attention to the vowel sound at the center of the word. The more practice they get with those words, the more they will be able to read those words. Eventually, they won’t have to stop and sound each of those words out. This practice leads from just saying letter sounds to actually reading and comprehending what your students are reading!

If you are looking for even more great ideas for helping your students transition from letter sounds to reading words, I can help you out. Head on over to my blog about The Best Hands-On Ways to Practice CVC Words. This blog is super helpful for working with your tactile learners on practicing CVC words for kindergarten. You are sure to find something useful for your classroom whether it is a fun slapping game to play with partners or games with words and dice. 

CVC Words Build Reading Confidence

By beginning with simple CVC words for kindergarten, students can begin to read simple things and unlock the beginning levels of reading. Once they gain confidence, your students will want to learn and read more and more! My Boom Cards CVC Words Mega Bundle has great activities for your students, but if you’re looking for more, there are lots of other options!

Reading confidence is such an important part of your students’ young learning lives. By building confidence, you will build a love of learning and reading in your students. If your students are getting bored with the usual practice you have in the classroom, switch it up! There are lots of great options out there for practicing CVC words for kindergarten on apps! Meanwhile, I have a blog all about it that you should check out, The Five Best Apps to Practice CVC Words. In it, you will find apps tested out by yours truly. I have found that these are the best at reviewing, practicing, and holding students’ attention. 

CVC Words Build Writing Confidence

With practice in reading and writing, students begin to hear more sounds and their writing becomes easier to decipher. Some of my absolute favorite moments in the classroom have been some of the most frustrating as well trying to understand exactly what my students have written or what they are trying to say. When your students use CVC words for kindergarten practice, your students will better learn how to write the same things they are reading in their practice. 

CVC Words Build Math Confidence

Practice with CVC words is not limited to reading and writing! For example, in math, there will always be word problems. Your students need to know how to read them and how to understand what they say. Incorporate these words into your math word problems to build your students’ confidence in solving word problems. When they understand the question, they are halfway to solving the problem. For more great ideas, read my blog about CVC Word Problems!

Boom Cards 

Using Boom Cards to practice CVC words allows students access to audio and immediate feedback with self-checking task cards. Not only do they get to work on a screen on a seemingly fun game, but students are also corrected on their own. Boom Cards are fun, educational, and allow your students to work at their own pace. I have created a perfect resource for your learners! Get your students started on all the fun and check out my Boom Cards CVC Words Mega Bundle today!

CVC practice is very important for our young learners. CVC words for kindergarten students are essential to building a foundation of good reading in our students. Whether your students prefer to practice with tactile methods, reading, writing, math word problems, or getting to use screen time, there are lots of great options.

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