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Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

Keeping your classroom fresh and exciting for your students can be tricky. Many of us have wall space covered with helpful teaching tools for our students. Word walls, vocabulary words, math tips, the alphabet, and number lines cover every spare space. I know how hard it is, but I always try to keep a spot open for a bulletin board. Spring bulletin board ideas are perfect for keeping your wall space fresh and up to date. 

spring bulletin board

Student Centered Spring Bulletin Board

As winter fades and spring warmth embraces the classroom, decorate your bulletin board to match! Your bulletin board might be a place where your students get to be creative, too. Display their artwork! Even more so, students love to see their work displayed, they take a sense of pride in it. Furthermore, they also tend to try harder to make something look good if they know it will be displayed! 

Saint Patrick’s Day

To start with, Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the first holidays introducing spring. Specifically, celebrating this holiday with lots of green, gold, and shamrocks is fun for all. For some Saint Patrick’s Day themes for bulletin boards, check out the ideas below! I don’t have a link for the two rainbow bulletin boards, but they would be great for fine motor practice. The leprechaun is from Crafty Morning and uses glue and shaving cream paint to give the leprechaun’s beard some texture! The lucky to be a family bulletin is an old one I used to do with my class.


Easter is a fun holiday to celebrate with children. They look forward to visits from the Easter Bunny as well as Easter egg hunts with candy-filled eggs. For some fun Easter-themed spring bulletin boards, the phrase “Chillin’ with my Peeps” is always fun because of the marshmallow chick-shaped food that people generally love or hate. I don’t think there’s a middle ground. Add in some writing practice with these adorable peeps I found on TPT.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We all have heard the rhyme: “April showers bring May flowers!” Incorporate long-anticipated spring flowers into your bulletin board for the month of April. You can make a spring bulletin board with raindrops, umbrellas, flowers, bees, etc. I think the “Don’t Bug Me I’m Reading” would be super cute with a ladybug craft. The bee craft was made for a private school, but the wording could be changed to something like – “BEE-lieve you can do hard things” or “Kindergarten is the place to BEE, etc”.

Mother’s Day Spring Bulletin Board

Mothers are not appreciated enough in our society. Specifically, sometimes we let them know we are thankful, and sometimes we forget until it’s Mother’s Day. Above all, we should encourage our students to celebrate their mothers during the month of May.

You can personalize your spring bulletin board with photos or drawings provided by the students of their mothers. Send them home on Mother’s Day so your students have a gift for their mother. Another idea for a Mother’s Day bulletin board is to make handprint flowers. Most importantly, each student gets to use their own handprint to make their own flower that can live on your bulletin board for a while and then be sent home for Mother’s Day. 

End of School & Summer

The end of school is an exciting time for all. During this time, we’re wrapping up current learning, preparing students for summer and for the next grade level, and celebrating the beginning of summer. Then, to incorporate summer into your bulletin board, students can illustrate their favorite summertime activity to post. Ideally, start with your favorite activity in the center of the bulletin board like this relaxing gnome on a hammock, and let your students’ creativity speak for itself for their favorite activities. 

Here are some other ideas you might enjoy. The balloon bulletin boards are so bright and colorful, but the stress of popping a balloon would not work for me LOL! The pineapple bulletin board was an old one I did with my students and could be changed to – “This year was sweet!”

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Make sure to keep all the wording for your bulletin boards and any templates that you used in a Ziploc bag with the title of the bulletin board written on it. I keep all of these bags in a tub with the name of the month on it. I also keep classroom decorations and seasonal books in these boxes as well.

When it’s time for the new month, it’s so easy to just pull out the bulletin board bag and staple it to the wall! Any copies I need are in the bag with it, and I can have my students do an art project to match the wording. It works out perfectly!

bulletin board ideas

Ultimately, there are lots of fun ways to celebrate spring with spring bulletin board ideas in your classroom. Whether you are a person who likes to change the bulletin board every month or every season, there is something that will work for you.

These are just spring ideas, but if you’re off-season or looking to plan the whole year of bulletin boards, you’re in luck! I have bulletin board ideas for Back to School, Fall, and Winter as well! 

While students are working on their art, it’s always a good idea to have something for first finishers and quick workers to do so they aren’t disrupting the rest of the class’s art time. With this in mind, my Spring Review for Kindergarten is a great refresher for young learners to practice basic operations, numbers, and phonics. 

Looking for some spring resources to keep your students engaged? Check out these resources perfectly aligned to kindergarten spring skills:

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