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Saint Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

March is one of my favorite months to do STEM projects! My students have learned all of the classroom procedures, they know where to find materials, and are really beginning to apply their learning.

Today I’ve gathered up all my favorite Saint Patrick’s Day STEM activities from around the web to share with you. I looked for ones that had low material costs, and ones that would be developmentally appropriate for kindergarten!

Lucky Charms Catapults

Lucky charms catapults

I bought this little cauldron set at the Target Dollar Spot and have done a lot of activities with them during both Saint Patrick’s Day and Halloween! If you can’t find them at Target here is a link for them on Amazon.

Sink the Pot

sink the pot saint patrick's day STEM

This sink vs float activity would be great with some of the resources I share in this post.

Shamrock Crystals

Shamrock crystals - saint Patrick's day STEM

Color Mixing Rainbow Challenge

Color mixing rainbow

Shamrock Sprouts

Sprouts on a sponge - Saint Patrick's Day STEM

Penny Bridge

Penny bridge - Saint Patrick's Day STEM

I love doing leprechaun traps, but many of them call for a ridiculous amount of supplies. I’ve done leprechaun traps in my class just using leprechauns that I printed out from my computer, some cheap gold coins (also from the Dollar Spot), and building materials that I already had in my classroom.

You will be amazed at what kids come up with when you give them unstructured projects!

If you are looking for some other STEM/Science resources check out the following posts and products!

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May the luck of the Irish be with you as you plan your Saint Patrick’s Day STEM activities! : )

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