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Kindergarten Science – Interactive Notebook


This comprehensive science resource is the perfect way to teach key science concepts in kindergarten, both in the classroom and digitally.



Teaching science in kindergarten can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding age-appropriate materials and resources. This Kindergarten Science Interactive Notebook comprehensive resource is the perfect way to meet your students where they are at and have a lot of fun with quality science activities and lessons.

This resource can be used digitally as well, making it perfect for at-home or distance learning or even as a way to incorporate technology in your classroom.

This resource:

✔Is leveled specifically for kindergarten science material.

✔Covers a variety of science topics and standards!

✔Includes tools to reinforce and assess previously taught skills.

✔Is engaging and allows students to be successful independently.

✔Has vocabulary building activities to help master beginning science concepts.

There are 200+ pages of activity sheets, vocabulary cards, and pocket chart sorts for whole group instruction. You can use the activities for quick assessments. The interactive notebook format helps keep everything organized and easy to access throughout the unit.

Each lesson is easy to adapt, so you can teach them in the order that best fits your students and schedule. Fine motor skills and categorization skills are also used in these lessons.

To use this resource digitally, you may assign the interactive notebook pages digitally through Google Classroom or Seesaw. Students can engage with the fine motor activities at home and send a picture or recording of their work back to you via Google Classroom or Seesaw.

The topics covered in this resource are: 

General Science

  • The scientific method
  • Scientific tools

Earth Science

  • Weather/clothing match
  • Weather word match
  • Weather measurement tools
  • Severe weather
  • Weather graph
  • Weather tracking
  • Weather forecasting
  • Seasons sort
  • Seasonal order
  • The water cycle
  • The rock cycle
  • Soil types
  • Soil layers
  • Earth’s layers
  • Earth’s composition
  • Landform sorts
  • Man-made vs natural
  • Recycle or trash
  • Taking care of the Earth
  • Sorting our recycling
  • Made from trees

Physical Science

  • Push vs pull
  • Magnetism
  • States of matter
  • Sink vs float
  • Texture sorts
  • Color sorts
  • Color mixing
  • Simple machines
  • Energy consumers

Life Science

  • Living vs non-living
  • Plant and animal needs
  • Carnivore vs herbivore
  • Habitat sorts
  • Habitat match-up
  • Animal characteristics
  • Oviparous vs viviparous
  • Animal movement
  • Nocturnal vs diurnal
  • Hibernating animals
  • Animal growth
  • Animal life cycles – penguin, butterfly, frog, sea turtle
  • Classifying creatures – mammal, reptile, insect
  • Insect body parts
  • Insect sort
  • Plant parts
  • Pumpkin life cycle
  • Following the food chain
  • Internal/external body parts
  • Skeletal match-up
  • Organs match-up
  • 5 Senses
  • Healthy habits
  • Healthy eating

Space Science

  • Day or night
  • Gifts of the sun
  • Sun protection
  • The sun’s effects
  • Astronaut tools
  • Planet order

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Kindergarten Science – Interactive Notebook


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