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Religion Essay Freebie

Hi Everyone,
   My school is in the middle of Catholic schools week, and I am exhausted! We started out the week with an essay contest, followed by big brother/ big sister day and a pep rally.  Yesterday was appreciation day where we had a guest speaker, and wrote thank you cards to community figures.  Today was the mini-Olympics (the main reason for exhaustion right now), and tomorrow is grandparents day where we will have mass with the grandparents, and then every class will do a little performance for them while they are served a continental breakfast in the cafeteria.

I wanted to share with you a Catholic School’s week essay form that you could use with your students whenever you have a religion paper to write.


 Why did I think this was a good idea when I’ve had a back injury?

The kids had so much fun and so did I, but I am in need of a seriously long nap!

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