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Past vs. Present Freebie

In today’s social studies lesson, we will explore the fascinating differences between the past vs. present with the help of captivating literature and a quick and easy assessment freebie. Kindergarten is the perfect age to begin understanding how things have changed over time.

November is a particularly exciting time to delve into the concept of past versus present, especially as we immerse ourselves in the study of Thanksgiving and earlier times. As the autumn leaves fall and the air becomes crisp, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the traditions and customs that have shaped our world.

Through exploring the history of Thanksgiving, we can vividly illustrate how life was lived in earlier times compared to our modern-day experiences. From the pilgrims’ journey to the first Thanksgiving feast to the ways in which our celebrations have evolved over centuries, November offers a rich tapestry of opportunities to connect with the past.

Book to Teach about Past vs. Present

Looking for a captivating resource to teach about the past vs. present? Look no further than ‘Then and Now: A Journey Through the History of Machines.’ This engaging book takes young readers on an immersive journey through time, exploring how machines and technology have evolved over the years.

From the earliest tools crafted by ancient civilizations to the cutting-edge innovations of today, ‘Then and Now’ provides a comprehensive overview that is both informative and visually stunning. With its longer format, this book lends itself perfectly to extended lessons, allowing teachers to dive deep into discussions and activities over the course of several days.

past vs. present book - then and now

The book examines various machines and how they were created. It compares the inventions to their modern-day counterparts and the versions that were modified to get from then to now.

I see a lot of STEM lesson potential in this book. Students could design improvements to current technologies! Here are some other past vs. present books that might work well in your classroom:

Looking for more social studies books to add to your classroom library? Take a look at my social studies book recommendations for the primary grades.

Past vs. Present Activities

After we read the book, we do a whole class sort on past vs present items. (The sort is included in the free resource). I love doing whole class sorts before we complete an assignment.

You can address any comments or concerns by starting with a whole class activity. Students work with greater independence when they clearly view the assignment. (This gives me additional time to help students who are struggling).

past vs. present freebie

Engage your kindergarten students in an interactive past vs. present sorting activity that will spark their curiosity and critical thinking skills. In this hands-on exercise, students will be presented with a variety of picture cards depicting objects and scenes from both the past and the present. From rotary phones to smartphones, horse-drawn carriages to automobiles, students will work to sort these images into two categories: past and present.

This activity reinforces the concept of chronological thinking and encourages students to recognize how technology and daily life have evolved over time. As they engage in discussion and reflection, students will gain a deeper understanding of the connections between the past and the present, laying a solid foundation for further exploration in social studies and history.

If you would like a free copy of this resource, just fill out the form below!

Additional Social Studies Resources

This resource is part of my kindergarten social studies interactive notebook. You can read more about why I LOVE using interactive notebooks in kindergarten. Also, learn more about the social studies interactive notebook and how I use it in my classroom.

past vs. present kindergarten social studies notebook

Elevate your kindergarten social studies curriculum with this interactive notebook designed specifically for young learners. This resource offers teachers a comprehensive and engaging way to integrate social studies into their classroom routines.

With its hands-on activities, colorful visuals, and age-appropriate content, this interactive notebook makes learning about community, past vs. present, and other social studies concepts fun and memorable for students. Here are some of the topics included:

  • Rules and Manners
  • Emotions
  • Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Map Skills
  • Famous Americans
  • American Symbols
  • Community Helpers
  • Transportation

Teachers can benefit from the structured format, which streamlines lesson planning and implementation while also providing flexibility for differentiation and extension activities.

Additionally, the notebook’s interactive nature promotes active participation and critical thinking, fostering a deeper understanding of key social studies concepts. Whether used as a supplement to existing lessons or as a standalone resource, the kindergarten social studies interactive notebook is sure to enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students.

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