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Beginning Sounds Worksheets and Picture Sorts


Beginning Sounds Picture Sorts gives you everything you need for whole group letter sound practice and allows you to conduct assessments of your students regarding their letter-sound knowledge through interactive worksheets.



 With these beginning sounds worksheets and sorts you can give your students the practice they need to master recognizing initial sounds. Isolating letter sounds is a crucial step in beginning reading skills and kids need lots of practice!
This product contains letter sound picture cards for each letter of the alphabet that can be used for many different classroom activities.  Have students sort initial sounds as a whole class or within your guided reading groups.
You can also have students sort picture cards as part of their center time and follow up their sorting with beginning sound worksheets that assess their understanding of the topic.
This resource also contains 25 worksheets that ask the students to compare pictures and sort them based on their beginning letter sound. Students should easily recognize the pictures which will allow for independent completion of each worksheet.
Here’s what people are saying: 
❤️Sara F. – “I LOVE this product. I use it during guided reading, one on one with students, and for RTI time. The worksheets are made very well and help students show what they know in a fun and engaging way! Thank you so much!”
❤️Margaret K. “This is a wonderful resource! The graphics are good quality and the pictures are very cute. Each letter sheet is set out really well with the letter, pictures and then the last square on the sheet actually lists all the pictures for that letter. Brilliant! The worksheets at the end an added bonus. Thanks.”
❤️Allie – “My students loved this! It was exactly what I was looking for. They can complete it independently while I work with other students. I have also sent home some pages for students for their homework. Great resource! :)”


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Beginning Sounds Worksheets and Picture Sorts


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