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Pineapple Summer Bulletin Board

Hello everyone! The summer countdown has begun!  I officially have 13 days left!  I feel half excited, and half panicky, trying to squeeze in all the last bits of knowledge that I can impart to them!  As the school year winds down, I am looking for quick and easy bulletin boards that we can do, and I’ve jumped on the pineapple bandwagon!
When I saw these pineapple faces from Creative Clips I became immediately obsessed! I’m not ashamed to admit it, I jump on bandwagons like nobodies business, Whether it’s Rae Dunn, or Fixer Upper, or Pineapples, I’m as basic as they come! : )
I love to use Krista Wallden’s clip art for art projects because she produces work that is nice and simple with clean black lines but also contains adorable details that add so much fun and character to the classroom.  To create the artwork, I took the black lines of pineapples and blew them up in powerpoint.  I gave my kids a couple of different pineapple options, and I printed them up on card stock.
We started by outlining the pineapple in crayon to make the colors stand out a little bit more, and then we headed outside to do some water coloring.
Finally, the kids cut it out, and I put it on our bulletin board.  I love how everything pops on the black background, and I would love to do all black bulletin boards next year, but I’m afraid that it might make the classroom too dark.  Have any of you tried all black bulletin boards?
The center sign was made with some beautiful KG fonts, one of those being Pineapple Delight of course!  I made the sign below in powerpoint and printed the PDF out in poster size.  I followed the directions on a Pinterest pin I had saved a long time ago, and it worked perfectly.  Here’s a link to the tutorial:
I printed the sign, laminated it, and I’m going to be honest, my husband put it together while I was cooking dinner.  Attention to detail is not my strong suit : )
If you would like a copy of this sign, click on the link below, and good luck keeping your sanity as another school year comes to a close!
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