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Graduation Songs for Preschool and Kindergarten

The end of the year is growing closer and closer! If you are in charge of Preschool or Kindergarten Graduation this year, this post is for you. I have tons of resources available for you in the Kindergarten Graduation Resources on my blog, but one of the trickiest things to find every year is graduation songs!

There are many options out there for songs you can play for Preschool and Kindergarten graduation, but this will get you started! Whether you are looking for songs with changed words, regular songs you find on the radio that will work, graduation songs for kids, or choices for a religious graduation ceremony, I’ve got you covered. 

Graduation Songs for Kids with Changed Words

ABC You Later by Obie Leff is a fun graduation song for preschool or kindergarten. The artist has even created this fun video for you to see some simple choreography to accompany his song. 

New York, New York by Frank Sinatra Take this classic and tweak it for your graduation ceremony. Instead of New York, New York, have your students sing “Kindergarten, Kindergarten” or “First Grade, First Grade.” Moreover, follow the link above to see how the rest of the song can be further modified to make your graduation a hit!

Big Big Dreams is a graduation song for kindergarten or preschool that seems to be a perfect fit. Nevertheless, it talks about having big dreams and following them. 

Addams Family Theme Graduation is always a hit with little ones. This link has fun modified lyrics perfect for a graduation song for your preschool or kindergarten. 

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift for a graduation song is fun and catchy. Check out the accompanying video to see how you can change the lyrics for your graduation ceremony!

Grease Parody from the musical Grease is a great song to sing and get stuck in your head. With the modified lyrics in this video, your students will have fun dancing and singing while parents chuckle and hum along. 

Songs Already Perfect for Kindergarten and Preschool

Count on Me by Bruno Mars This song is already perfect as a graduation song for kindergarten or preschool. It is fun to let kids sing along as well as creating fun choreography for them to dance along to. 

ABC123 by Jackson 5 is a graduation song for kids that stands the test of time. It is one that most adults will know and your students will love bouncing along with. 

What I Am by Will.I.Am This song is already one your students may know because it has been featured on Sesame Street. Therefore, let them share this song with their families at kindergarten graduation as they celebrate what makes them special.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story by Randy Newman is a classic song if ever there was one. In this case, celebrate the friendships made in school with this song everyone in the room will be singing along with. 

Graduation Songs for Kids

The World is a Rainbow by Greg & Steve is a song all about all the colors that make up our world. It celebrates all the people that make our world go around by being true to ourselves. 

One Small Voice by Jack Hartman is a song is all about how one small voice can make a difference. Truly, it is a song of encouragement for our students to speak out and find their place in the world. 

Everything Grows by Raffi is a perfect addition to your graduation songs for preschool or kindergarten, this song celebrates all the things that grow. Gladly, this includes all the plants, animals, and even kids! 

Religious Graduation Songs for Kindergarten and Preschool

I Am a Promise celebrates the belief that God created little ones for a purpose and a reason in this world. The song reminds your students that they have potential and can be anything that God wants them to be. 

He’s Still Working on Me looks at all the ways our students have grown and the promise that God is still working on them. Hence, they’re still growing and learning and will continue to do so next year at school. 

If I Were a Butterfly this link gives you access to lyrics and actions that you can use for this classic song about the fact that God made each of us unique. 

End of the Year Loose Ends

During the last few weeks of school, you have a lot on your plate. With planning a graduation ceremony for your young class, helping students prepare for their first last day of school, and ensuring they are ready for their new grade in the fall, you are busy.

While planning a graduation ceremony, I hope some of these songs are useful. If you need more ideas beyond which songs to play, I hope you will check out my Kindergarten Graduation Resources, too. 

Graduation Songs Post - End of the year summer worksheets

As you are preparing your students for summer break and moving up in the fall, I have some more resources that may be of use to you. My End of the Year Worksheets for Kindergarten have something for every one of your young learners.

There are so many great activities included, I don’t have room to list them all. They include math group work, number comparisons, addition, and subtraction, as well as reading comprehension, CVC blends, sight words, and vocabulary. These worksheets are sure to prepare your little ones for the fall while helping to review what they learned in your class. 

For another fun way to review and assess what your students have learned this year, I have a fun resource in my Kindergarten End of the Year Boom Card Assessment Bundle. Your students will enjoy the fun animations and images in the boom cards while demonstrating what they’ve learned in your class this year.


Hopefully, some of these songs have inspired you to create a fun and exciting graduation ceremony for your preschool or kindergarteners. Be sure to utilize my Kindergarten Graduation Resources as you are choosing songs, activities, and excitement for your ceremony. These little ones love to get up in front of their family and friends to share what they’ve learned. Getting to sing, dance, and celebrate their achievements is the best way to mark how far they’ve come.

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