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The Best Mother’s Day Crafts to Make in the Classroom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. There are so many fun activities to do with little ones for Mother’s Day. You can do some of these Mother’s Day crafts at school with your class. Additionally, you can also create crafts with any child wanting to show their mom’s appreciation. Not only moms, but grandmas, aunts, and friends can be included too. Ask kids to think outside the box about who in their life might be a mom. Moms do a lot for their families, friends, and those around them. Anyone can make a Mother’s Day craft for any mom. 

Handmade Mother’s Day Card

A handmade Mother’s Day card is a tried and true way to let mom know how appreciated she is by the kids in her life. For an easy and fun activity for kids of all ages to enjoy making, check out this Handmade Mothers Day Card from The Best Ideas for Kids. This card needs just a few supplies and instructions. A few things you will need are cupcake liners to turn into beautiful flowers for mom, buttons, popsicle sticks, and some paint and glue. Kids will have so much fun personalizing the card based on the mom the card is intended for. 

Books for Mother’s Day

Children love a good read-aloud. The books below are great reads to get students thinking about how their Mom could be celebrated. Honestly, choosing a book about Mothers and their kids can spark feelings, emotions, and overall appreciation for their Moms. Furthermore, books about Mothers would make a heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day. Truly, cuddling up with their little ones is what moms love most. A fun book about moms is the perfect way to sneak in a cuddle and reading time.

Me & Mama

Without a doubt, a mother-daughter relationship can be one of a kind. This sweet book explains the bonding time a mother-daughter share on a rainy day.

I Love Mom

The Hungry Caterpillar takes you on a cute story all about ways that Moms are loved. Moreover, children will love memorizing this easy read and will enjoy the brightly illustrated pictures.

What Not To Give Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Have your kids laughing with this funny read about all the gifts a Mom doesn’t want on their special day. This is sure to spark their imagination!

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

With a template provided by the folks at iHeart Crafty Things, your kids will love making a pot of paper flowers to give to mom. You probably have all the supplies necessary to make this fun flower pot at home or in the classroom already. You’ll need several different colors of paper for the flowers, the stems, and leaves, as well as the flower pot. Glue, scissors, and a ribbon (if you want) round out the list. Mom will love how colorful this beautiful Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft will be.

Seed Packet Card

Indeed, cards are a traditional Mother’s Day gift. However, these fun seed packet cards take traditional cards a step further. The seed packet card will contain actual seeds for moms to grow flowers. In addition to the colorful paper, scissors, and glue you usually need for homemade cards, you will also need tissue paper and flower seeds. Find the full directions on the website Activities for Kids under Seed Packet Card.

Easy Mother’s Day Flower Craft

There are so many options for crafty ways to make a Mother’s Day card. This Mother’s Day craft idea is unique because of the flower on the card. Little ones are encouraged to use their own words to show mom how much she means to them. The flower’s petals are all meant to be notes to mom or about mom. For a Mother’s Day card, this is definitely one of the most encouraging ideas to give mom all the fuzzy and loving feelings. You can find the instructions here for the Easy Mother’s Day Flower Craft with a free printable template for the flower. 

Mother’s Day Cookbook

One of my favorite activities doesn’t include flowers or cards. This Mother’s Day Cookbook is a FREE resource for kids to show mom how much they appreciate her for Mother’s Day. The resource begins with students communicating exactly how Mom prepares one of their favorite recipes (of course, young students don’t cook, but their answers are amusing). After creating the recipe with ingredients and instructions according to the student’s memory, there is a page all about the chef (student). It is a great keepsake for moms to see what their child’s favorite food was, how they thought it should be made, and all about their student at this age. For more detailed instructions and variations, please go check out my Mother’s Day Cookbook Freebie

End of the Year Wrap-Ups

With Mother’s Day crafts and ideas comes the push for the end of the year. As you and your kiddos are working through some fun Mother’s Day crafts, you may need to be reviewing what was learned this year too. If you need some fun ideas for review, check out some of the resources I made with you in mind. The End of the Year Worksheets for Kindergarten help your students review what they learned in kindergarten and what they may need to remember going into first grade. If you’re looking for some fun assessments that your kids will enjoy, I have a boom card resource for you. The Kindergarten End of the Year Boom Card Assessment Bundle will make review time fun. 


Honestly, any of the Mother’s Day crafts will be sure to please. Mothers love crafts made by the kids in their lives whether they are their mom, grandma, aunt, friend, or neighbor. Mothers cherish the time and dedication their kids put into the crafts. From handmade cards and flowers to fun cookbooks, there are lots of great ideas for Mother’s Day crafts. 

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