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Using Boom Cards as a Classroom Center

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new and fun ideas for classroom centers. We have all the fun hands-on centers, but it is okay to have some digital centers, too. Boom Cards make a great classroom learning center idea!

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital, interactive task cards that are self-grading. You can make or buy a boom card deck on basically any academic discipline you could think of. Some cards have clickable parts, some contain multiple-choice questions, and some even have movable pieces. There are so many great ways to get new information to students or review information you’ve already taught to your students. 

boom cards

Why should I use them?

Boom Cards are super easy for teachers to assign to students. You don’t have to spend any time prepping materials, there’s no cutting, pasting, or printing materials. Using these card decks also makes it easy to differentiate instruction for students. It is easy to assign different students different boom cards with different tasks and focuses so that each student gets the practice they need. Each deck is an independent job on one device, so your students will never know if their assignment is different from their neighbors’ work. 

Using Boom Card decks is fun for students! They feel like a game in their interactive components, your students won’t even realize that they are learning and reviewing the material. With the multitude of options available for interactive Boom Cards, you can assign multiple card decks for your students and allow them to choose which ones they want to complete. Choice time and learning time can coexist! 

These cards are fun and educational, but they can also provide teachers with assessment data. You can go into the system to see how well individual students did on specific decks, or you can see how the class did as a whole. Teachers can easily see where they need to review, and what information their students seem to have down pat. 

Using Boom Cards as a Classroom Learning Center

When you use these card decks as a classroom learning center, you are helping yourself out immensely. There is little to no prep for Boom Card centers. Assign the deck and let your students go. They will be focused and excited to be using a device in the classroom and having so much fun, that they won’t hear when it is time to switch centers. 

For kindergarteners, I would recommend the Kindergarten Math & Literacy Boom Card Centers – Year Long Bundle. This bundle has a lot of fun learning built-in for your kindergarten students. There are different decks for each month of the school year. You get math and literacy centers for September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May in one bundle.

Of course, each of these is available as individual monthly packets if you’d rather try out a few before going in on the whole bundle. Just click on each month above to see the link to the individual monthly resource. Each monthly resource contains 5 math and 5 literacy center boom cards for use in your classroom!

If you’re still not convinced that these are a fit for your classroom, I would encourage you to read more about them. You can visit the Boom Cards website and read all about it yourself. Additionally, you can click to head over to an article about How to Use Boom Cards in your Classroom. If that doesn’t do it for you, I would encourage you to read up on Boom Cards – Why Every Teacher Should Be Using Them!

More Fun with Boom Cards

Using Boom Cards for classroom center ideas is a great way to use this technology. It is not the only way to use them, though. There are great decks available for you to use as assessments and as practice for review in your classroom.

As summer nears, the Kindergarten End of the Year Digital Assessments will help to lighten your load at the end of the year. These assessments really help you see where each student is academically for the end of the year. 

In kindergarten, practice and review seem to be the name of the game. Let your students have some fun practicing sight words and CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with Boom Cards. The Easy and Effective Digital Sight Word Practice for Kindergarten and CVC Words Practice with Boom Cards are great resources for any kindergarten class at any time of the year. 


Boom Cards are great to use in the Kindergarten classroom. They keep kids focused, engaged, and having fun without realizing they are learning. These digital card decks are a great alternative for classroom centers for math and literacy classroom learning centers. With all the great reasons and examples of Boom Cards available out there, let me know which one would be the most useful for you and your classroom! 

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