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Kindergarten Graduation Resources

I’m not going to lie, kindergarten graduation is not my favorite thing to plan. I worked in a Catholic school where I had to prepare a mass. The kindergarten students did everything including the readings, followed by a party back at school. Finding graduation resources and keeping them fresh every year was a challenge!

I had to plan and practice with my kids for at least a month so it was always a huge source of stress for me!

By this time of the year, many teachers are stressed out trying to figure out how to end the year on a positive and celebratory note. Not an easy task when this school year has provided a myriad of challenges!

Today I wanted to share a couple of amazing ideas I’ve seen out there. I’ll also provide you with some free resources!

Kindergarten Graduation During Distance Learning

The best idea that I’ve seen out there is a drive-by parade for kindergarten students. The location of this parade could be almost anywhere. I liked the idea of having it in the carpool lane at the school. Teachers and staff would hold up signs to congratulate the students. Diplomas and little gifts could be handed to each child during this time as well.

Assigning a theme for the parade could also add excitement! A couple of ideas for themes are:

  • Hawaiian luau
  • Dress up as your favorite book character
  • Dress up as a decade – 50’s, 60’s, etc.
  • Beach Party
  • Bubbles parade

The Dollar Store is a must for the little gifts to hand out at graduation! I’ve made a couple of tags that you can put on sunglasses, beach balls, or bubbles. If you want to download this resource just fill out the information below:

kindergarten graduation gift cards

Need an editable diploma to hand out to your students at kindergarten graduation? Grab this freebie at the link below:

Kindergarten Diploma

kindergarten graduation diploma

You can also find a comprehensive list of kindergarten graduation songs to use with your class in this post:

Graduation Songs for Preschool and Kindergarten

Celebrating Kindergarten Graduation Digitally

Meeting in person might not always be an option. To celebrate kindergarten graduation digitally with your students, I suggest making a slide show of pictures to share with them! Gather all of the photos you’ve collected through the year and ask parents to send some in as well. Below is a list of some adorable slideshows that can be purchased on TPT:

Keeping the Learning Going

End-of-the-Year Kindergarten Activities

End-of-the-Year Phonics Sensory Bin Centers

Engage your kindergarten students with hands-on phonics exploration through these end-of-the-year sensory bin centers! Watch as they eagerly search for cards practicing plural nouns, compound words, long vowels, and more in a tactile and immersive learning environment. These sensory experiences not only reinforce phonics skills but also promote sensory integration and fine motor development.

End of the Year Math Sensory Bin Centers

Turn math learning into a sensory adventure with these end-of-the-year math sensory bin centers! From number comparison and counting on to subtraction and decomposing numbers, these engaging activities immerse students in mathematical concepts while stimulating their senses. Watch as they explore, manipulate, and problem-solve their way to mathematical mastery.

kindergarten graduation math centers

End-of-the-Year Phonics and Math Worksheets

Keep learning alive until the last day of school with these end-of-the-year phonics and math worksheets! Designed to review and reinforce key concepts taught throughout the year, these worksheets offer a variety of activities to challenge and engage young learners. From phonemic awareness exercises to number sense activities, there’s something for every student to enjoy as they wrap up the school year.

End of the Year Boom Card Assessments for Kindergarten

Assess student progress and celebrate their achievements with these end-of-the-year Boom Card assessments for kindergarten! These interactive digital assessments cover a range of phonics and math skills, providing instant feedback and valuable insights into student learning. With customizable options to meet your specific needs, you can easily track student growth and plan for future instruction.

Have any other great ideas for kindergarten graduation? Share them in the comments below!

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