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Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Every summer I scour the internet to find cute new back-to-school bulletin board ideas for my classroom. I like to have a mix of pre-made boards and ones that are blank (except for the wording) to add a student project to.

To help make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a bulletin board round-up for you to check out. Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to find some free templates I made to use during the first week!

A Rainbow of Possibilities

Rainbow of Possibilities bulletin board

Students love to find their names on the first day of school, it instantly makes them feel welcome!

We All Fit Together

We all fit together bulletin board.

I love to use the clip art that I’ve purchased to print out characters for the board (especially since I can’t draw a straight line to save my life).

The Future of the World

Here’s the link to a bulletin board kit you can purchase for this wording on TPT: The Future of the World Bulletin Board Kit

The future of the word bulletin board.

Pop-Pin Into First

Pop-In into First bulletin board
Look Who's in our class bulletin board.

Get Ready for a Colorful Year

Get ready for a colorful year bulletin board.

Donut You Love Pre-K?

Donut you love pre-k bulletin board.

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Throw Kindness Around like confetti bulletin board.

Picture Yourself in 1st Grade

Picture yourself in 1st grade bulletin board.

I love that this bulletin board is open for student work, but still colorful and inviting on the first day!

Best Work Ever

Best Work ever bulletin board.

Welcome Back! The Books Missed You!

Welcome back bulletin board - books

I have a couple of free bulletin board templates in my TPT store that I will link here. The first one is a cute little bee. Here are some bulletin board phrases that you could use with it:

  • “Bee”-lieve you can do hard things
  • Kindergarten (etc.) is the place to bee!
  • Welcome to our hive, the best place to bee
  • Our class is un”bee”lievable
  • You “bee”long here!
Bee bulletin board cover

Bee Template

I also have an owl template. Here are some wording ideas for an owl bulletin board:

  • Look whooo’s in our class
  • This year is going to be a hoot!
  • Whooo’s ready for school?
  • Whoooo-ray for kindergarten (etc.)
Owl Bulletin board cover

Owl Template

Comment below with any other cute sayings or ideas you can think of and check out my other bulletin board ideas

Check out these back-to-school resources to make the start of your year a breeze!

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