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President’s Day Resources and a Freebie!

Hello, wonderful kindergarten teachers! As we navigate through the school year, there’s always a sense of excitement when we approach holidays like Presidents’ Day. This occasion provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce our young learners to the rich history and significance of the leaders who have shaped our nation. Today, let’s explore some engaging President’s Day resources that will bring the spirit of the holiday alive in our classrooms, capturing the curiosity and imagination of our kindergarteners.

President’s Day Resouces – Books

Start your Presidents’ Day celebration with a literary journey. Incorporate captivating books into your lesson plans that make the stories of presidents accessible and interesting for our little ones. “Duck for President” by Doreen Cronin is a delightful choice, featuring a duck on a mission to become the head honcho. “Grace for President” by Kelly DiPucchio is another gem that introduces the concept of leadership and democracy through the eyes of a young girl. These books not only entertain but also open doors to discussions about leadership qualities and the democratic process.

President's Day Resources - Books

President’s Day Resources – Videos

Enhance the learning experience with engaging videos that visually bring history to life. Platforms like BrainPOP Jr. and PBS Kids offer animated videos suitable for kindergarten students. Explore short clips that introduce the role of the President, the history of Presidents’ Day, and even virtual tours of the White House. These videos serve as excellent visual aids, making complex concepts more accessible and enjoyable for our young learners.

President’s Day Resources – Directed Drawings

Tap into your students’ creativity with President’s Day directed drawings. Choose iconic symbols such as the American flag, the White House, or even a simple presidential portrait. Guiding your kindergarteners through these drawings not only enhances their fine motor skills but also provides an artistic outlet for expressing what they’ve learned about Presidents’ Day.

Free President’s Day Sort

To add a hands-on element to your Presidents’ Day resources, I’ve created a free President’s Day sort for your kindergarteners. This resource allows students to categorize images and symbols associated with Presidents’ Day, reinforcing their understanding of the holiday. Download it and watch as your students enjoy the sorting process while absorbing key concepts related to this significant day.

President's Day Resources - sort

Download the resource by filling out the information below:

Promoting a Holistic Approach with Kindergarten Social Studies Interactive Notebooks

Looking to deepen your students’ understanding of important national holidays beyond Presidents’ Day? Explore my Kindergarten Social Studies Interactive Notebook, a comprehensive resource designed to make learning a dynamic and hands-on experience.

Covering a range of topics, from communities and rules to cultural holidays and transportation, this notebook ensures a holistic exploration of social studies concepts. Elevate your teaching toolkit and foster a love for learning in your students with this engaging resource. Check it out and watch as your kindergarteners embark on a journey of discovery through the wonders of social studies.

president's day resources social studies interactive notebook

Presidents’ Day offers a fantastic opportunity to ignite the curiosity of our young learners about the history and leadership of our nation. By incorporating books, videos, directed drawings, and interactive activities like the free President’s Day sort, we can create an immersive learning experience that captivates and educates. As we celebrate this important holiday, let’s continue to inspire a love for learning in our kindergarteners, making history come alive in our classrooms.

Looking for more great social studies books and resources to add to your classroom? Check out the links below:

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