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CHAMPS Behavior Management Signs – Spanish Version


The CHAMPS behavior management signs will help your students see the expectations for various activities and transitions throughout your day visually.



CHAMPS is a behavior management system that allows you to set clear expectations with your students. To use this resource – print up the signs that you need for your classroom, and as you change activities throughout the day, update your CHAMPS board to reflect the expectations for that particular activity.

The categories included in this resource are:

C – Conversation – no talking, whisper voice, inside voice, partner talk, group talk, whole group discussion, and sharing voice.

H – Help – raise your hand, ask 3 before me, ask a neighbor, ask your group, ask your teacher, work through the problem on your own, and ask an adult

A – Activity – independent work, group work, centers, stations, partner work, whole group instruction, small group instruction, presentations, sharing, shared reading, test/quiz, silent reading, seat work, computers, read to self, work on writing, word work, read to someone, listen to reading (daily 5), guided reading, math stations, literacy centers, iPad, interactive whiteboard, laptop, Chromebook, P.E., library, STEM activity, science stations, STEAM activity, genius hour, engineering, coding, project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, yoga, meditation social studies, religion, art, writing workshop, music, calendar, snack, lunch, recess, walking in the hallway, indoor recess, mindfulness practice, bathroom, drinking water, fire drill, earthquake drill, tornado drill, and lockdown drill.

M – Movement – Get a pencil and throw away the trash, stay in your group, move around freely, pack up, get/return supplies, hand in completed assignment, go to the bathroom or get a drink, stay in your seat, get a tissue, line up, give me 5, move with permission, stay at your center, cleaning up, quiet walking, silent walking, flexible seating, and teacher conferences.

P – (option 1) Participation – actively listening and raising your hand to speak, writing, creating, discussing, reading, completing station expectations, completing a test or quiz, standing in line, eating, playing, working on an assignment, and sharing.

P – (option 2) Post Activity – go to the rug, read, finished basket, turn it over, keep it, mailbox, cubby, finish up folder, backpack, notebook, poetry notebook, reading notebook, math notebook, science notebook, social studies notebook, writing notebook, early finishers work, line up, sit quietly, wash hands, and clean-up

S – (option 1) Signal – bell, freeze, timer, instrument, respond to teacher, music, and lights.

S – (option 2) Supplies – pencil, pen, markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, paper, book, notebook, supplies, whiteboard, scissors, clipboard, tablet, Chromebook, iPad. laptop, dry erase marker

S – (option 3) Success or Super Students

There are also 5 cards included in the resource with hand signals for going to the bathroom, getting a drink of water, getting a tissue, getting a new pencil, and asking a question.

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CHAMPS Behavior Management Signs – Spanish Version


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