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Hands on Apple Activities for the Classroom

Apple activities are some of my absolute favorite things to do in the classroom! Fall is my absolute favorite season! When September rolls around I am getting sick of the San Diego heat and humidity and I’m ready for a cool down.  I love football, I love sweaters, I love a cool breeze, but I don’t like Pumpkin Spice lattes (don’t kick me out of the basic club).

I love Fall time in the classroom as well because you are just getting to know each other, routines are falling into place, and the momentum forward has started. During this time I like to really get started on some hands-on activities with my students.

Crock Pot Applesauce

apples for the classroom

For this particular applesauce, I used Gala apples, but any sweet ones will work.  In years past, I peeled all of the apples at my house ahead of time, cut them up, and stored them in Ziploc bags, but…AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! This year I decided to leave the skins on and see what would happen. Call me lazy (which I am), but teachers have too much on their plates already!

I did cut them into smaller pieces at home and brought them to work because having knives at school makes me nervous.

I brought my crockpot to work, and the students helped me pour in ingredients and measure out what we needed.  We put the crockpot on high, and it wasn’t long before the most delicious smell started to fill the classroom!

When it was done, it looked like this.  The apples were still in larger chunks and you can serve it just like that if you want to, whatever floats your boat. You can also have the kids help you mash it down to look more applesaucy. 

Make it an Apple Pie!

I picked up these small crusts at Target, aren’t they adorable?!?! You can add the apples to them either in the big chunks or mashed up. Add some whipped cream to the top, or serve with some vanilla ice cream if you want to get really fancy!

My kids absolutely loved the applesauce and kept asking for seconds!  After we finished, we worked on our sequencing skills with this worksheet:

If you would like a free copy of this sequencing worksheet, fill out the info below:

More Apple Activities

This is just one of the hands-on projects from my Apple Activities resource.  Inside the resource, you can find instructions for making apple patterns, doing an apple tasting, searching for seeds, learning about Johnny Appleseed, making apple play-doh, making apple slime, doing an experiment to see if apples sink or float, and building an apple tower.

All of these apple activities come with assessment worksheets to extend learning and allow students to increase their content knowledge.  Language arts, math, science, and social studies assessments are all included, along with some fine motor resources!  If you are interested in checking out this resource just follow the link below:

Apple Activities – Hand-on Fun!

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