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Short and Long Vowels In Kindergarten

Short and long vowel sounds are an important part of kindergarten learning. Kindergarten is when students learn to hear the difference in words that have a short or long vowel sound. Students should become proficient at reading CVC and CVCE words. This is the base work for more complex vowel concepts like vowel teams, diphthongs, and r-controlled vowels that will be taught in later grades. 

short and long vowels

Set your students up for success with short and long vowels. Utilize resources specifically designed for you and your kindergarten learners. With Short and Long Vowel Worksheets & Picture Sorts, Color by Code, Reading Comprehension, and the Phonics Bundle, you will be set! Your students will love these activities and you will love the ease and convenience they bring. 

Short and Long Vowel Worksheets & Picture Sorts

With this print-and-go activity, your students will learn a lot about short and long vowels. The Short Vowel and Long Vowel Worksheets & Picture Sorts will help students isolate phonemes. Additionally, students will sort between two different vowel sounds and whether they are short or long vowel sounds. Through practice sorting the picture cards, your students will gain confidence in their understanding of vowels. 

Students are encouraged to say words out loud to hear the difference between short and long vowels. By saying the words on the picture cards out loud, students are also beginning to understand the difference between vowels and the short and long sounds each of them have. In addition to the practice with phonemes and vowel sounds, students will be honing their fine motor skills as they handle the picture cards and independently complete the activities in the Short Vowel and Long Vowel Worksheets & Picture Sorts

Short and Long Vowel Color by Code Worksheets

With these short and long vowel worksheets, your students will practice CVC and CVCE words and get to flex their creative muscles. Students will get lots of practice distinguishing short and long vowel sounds with the Short and Long Vowel Color by Code Worksheets. Students demonstrate their ability to recognize vowels and decipher between all 5 of them. They work on beginning reading skills by matching pictures to the words that identify the pictures. 

With this resource, students will get practice with identifying written words and whether they contain short or long vowel sounds. They will also get practice with pictures of words instead. For instance, a bug and a submarine both contain short u sounds. Since they are alike in their vowel sound, they are colored together on the worksheet. The best thing about this resource is that students can complete the work independently. The Short and Long Vowel Color by Code Worksheets are a great addition to your early finishers’ work or for centers around the room. 

Short and Long Vowel Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Kindergarten youngsters need to begin working on reading comprehension. It is a skill they will continue working on and honing their entire lives. With the Short and Long Vowel Reading Comprehension Worksheets, your students will start on that journey. This resource uses letter sounds and sight word knowledge to practice reading short and long vowel sounds. By reading CVC words and CVCE words, students will put their knowledge to the test to determine whether a word has a short or long vowel sound. 

In addition to all the short and long vowel sounds practice kindergarten students will receive, they will also get lots of sequencing practice. There are short passages to read and pictures to put in order. Through these activities, teachers can easily see how well students are comprehending the short stories they read through the Short and Long Vowel Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Short & Long Vowel Phonics Worksheets Bundle

Of course, all of these resources sound like they’d be a perfect fit for your kindergarten classroom, right? Well, have I got a deal for you. I have a bundle available in one place inside the Short and Long Vowel Phonics Worksheets Bundle. You get all of the material from the Short and Long Vowel Worksheets & Picture Sorts, Color by Code, and Reading Comprehension resources. 

Short and Long Vowels Boom Cards Bundle

Looking for interactive short and long vowels practice? This Boom Card bundle gives students practice identifying both short and long vowels, changing CVC words to CVCE words, and sorting between short and long vowels.

Task Cards for Short and Long Vowels

Task cards are a great option when you need to grab something quickly in a small group or one-on-one session. They also work perfectly with parent volunteers! Students love the interactive nature of the task cards and they give you a quick informal assessment of their skills. I have two vowel sets available:

short and long vowels - long vowel task cards

Why do I need these resources in my Kindergarten classroom?

Each of these resources stands on its own as a welcome addition to any classroom. They are great for use in daily centers, morning work, or as extra practice for early finishers throughout the day. These resources also build on one another.

To start with, students will begin differentiating between vowel sounds with picture sorts. Next, they lead into color by code resources. Students will begin to read simple CVC and CVCE words as they color by vowel sounds. Then, we flow seamlessly into the reading comprehension worksheets. This activity provides sequencing so that the teacher can see their comprehension and monitor their progress as they begin to read short passages. Check out the bundle of short and long vowel resources today!

Follow their learning up with independent self-checking practice with the short and long vowel boom card bundle in centers or small groups!

For more information on the importance of sorting activities in kindergarten, be sure to check out my blog on why sorting needs to be a part of your classroom. If you are looking for more assistance in your language arts classroom, I hope you will find something useful here or are willing to reach out to me for more assistance! 

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