About Me

I’m CoriBlubaugh, the author of Mrs. B’s Beehive. This blog is all about helping teachers find new ideas and resources to enrich their classroom!

Starting out as a first-year teacher, I was lost! I teach at a Catholic school where there is only one teacher per grade level. I walked in expecting to have all the curriculum I needed to teach successfully, and boy was I in for a shock!

I had no science or social studies curriculum, and all of the other subjects material I had needed a massive amount of supplement. Those first few years, I scoured the internet and tried many new
things. Some were a success, and some failed miserably, but I learned a lot!


I started this blog to help share some of the knowledge I have gained over these last 10 years, and share some of the resources that I have created to enrich my curriculum.


A little bit more information about me


*I live in San Diego with my husband and two dog babies. We have a great group of friends, and have a ton of fun in our beautiful city!

*I work at a school right next to the Mexican border. Many of my students enter my classroom with no English language skills, and 30% of my students cross the border each morning for school.
*For the past 4 years I have also served as the school’s vice-principal. I work on finding new curriculum, providing teachers with professional development, school fundraising, and vision planning for the future of the school.
*I love to travel, but haven’t had as much opportunity for it as I would like.
*I love to cook and find new recipes that taste delicious but don’t contain a million calories. 
*I love to read young adult novels (I love the simple good vs evil plots), and I love reading professional development books that change my viewpoint on teaching.
*My husband and I love Netflix documentaries, especially ones that inspire us to change our lifestyle habits (which lasts about a month : )
I truly hope that everyone can get something of value out of my website that will make your life easier as a teacher!